Julia implementation of various rigid body dynamics and kinematics algorithms
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RigidBodyDynamics.jl is a rigid body dynamics library in pure Julia. It aims to be user friendly and performant, but also generic in the sense that the algorithms can be called with inputs of any (suitable) scalar types. This means that if fast numeric dynamics evaluations are required, a user can supply Float64 or Float32 inputs. However, if symbolic quantities are desired for analysis purposes, they can be obtained by calling the algorithms with e.g. SymPy.Sym inputs. If gradients are required, e.g. the ForwardDiff.Dual type, which implements forward-mode automatic differentiation, can be used.

See the latest stable documentation for a list of features, installation instructions, and a quick-start guide. Installation should only take a couple of minutes, including installing Julia itself. See the notebooks directory for some usage examples.

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RigidBodyDynamics.jl is part of the JuliaRobotics GitHub organization.

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