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Simulation and visualization of articulated rigid body systems in Julia


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RigidBodySim provides Julia tools for simulation and visualization of systems of interconnected rigid bodies (both passive and controlled), built on top of RigidBodyDynamics, DifferentialEquations, and RigidBodyTreeInspector.

See the latest documentation and the quick start guide for more information and examples.

Demo video

The video below shows Atlas walking using the MIT Robot Locomotion Group controller, simulated in realtime using RigidBodySim.jl.

Note: RigidBodySim.jl is now using MeshCat instead of Director as its viewer; the video below has not yet been updated to reflect this change.

Watch the demo video

Off-screen, commands are being given to the robot using a separate user interface. The controller is unfortunately hard to set up, so a hands-on version of this demo is currently not available.