A Julia package for probability distributions and associated functions.
GordStephen and matbesancon Add DiscreteNonParametric distribution (#634)
* Add Generic discrete distribution

* Convert modes to explicit loop

* Add uniqueness check for values in Generic constructor

* Convert Generic's support to an AbstractVector

* Convert Categorical to a type alias of Generic

* Add Generic mgf and cf

* Add Generic fit and sufficient statistic methods

* Easy 0.7 fixes

* Updates for Random in 0.7 and tests passing

* Fix 0.7 constructor dispatch

* Fix weighted suffstats and minor changes

* Rename Generic to DiscreteNonParametric

* Add documentation for DiscreteNonParametric

* Generalize probability vector type for DiscreteNonParametric and Categorical, fix #743

* Generalize DiscreteNonParametric/Categorical samplers

* Further specialize support of Categorical

* Partially support test_distr with DiscreteNonParametric
Latest commit cd0ae4e Nov 4, 2018



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A Julia package for probability distributions and associated functions. Particularly, Distributions implements:

  • Moments (e.g mean, variance, skewness, and kurtosis), entropy, and other properties
  • Probability density/mass functions (pdf) and their logarithm (logpdf)
  • Moment generating functions and characteristic functions
  • Sampling from population or from a distribution
  • Maximum likelihood estimation

Note: The functionalities related to conjugate priors have been moved to the ConjugatePriors package.