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IANA time zone database access for the Julia programming language
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IANA time zone database access for the Julia programming language. TimeZones.jl extends the Date/DateTime support for Julia to include a new time zone aware TimeType: ZonedDateTime.


  • A new time zone aware TimeType: ZonedDateTime
  • Support for all time zones in the IANA time zone database (also known as the tz/zoneinfo/Olson database)
  • ZonedDateTime-Period arithmetic similar to that of DateTime
  • Local system time zone information as a TimeZone
  • Current system time in any TimeZone
  • Support for reading the tzfile format
  • String parsing of ZonedDateTime using DateFormat


TimeZones.jl can be installed through the Julia package manager:

julia> Pkg.add("TimeZones")

For detailed installation instructions see the documentation linked above.

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