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- The examples/crew.rb file is pointing towards a hard coded user dir. Needs to be
documented as part of a working example.
- examples/async_rack_front/ needs to be documented and verified working.
- Sync Mapper/Agent#start with nanite-mapper/agent
- Update docs for Agent#start and Mapper#start
- Update docs in nanite-agent and nanite-mapper
- Ensure file transfer works
- Check secure stuff still works
- Check custom status_proc works
- Check documentation, only document public methods
- ensure the removal of threaded_actors option doesn't cause shit to block
- Look into using EM deferables for actors dispatch.
- Integration specs that spawn a small cluster of nanites
- Rename Ping to Status
- request/push should take *args for payload?
- Make mapper queue durable and Results respect :persistent flag on the request
- Add a global result received callback