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Obnoxiously easy iOS development with RubyMotion
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Experiments in wrapping the iOS SDK in a more Ruby-esque manner.



Easily create a UITableViewController that leverages NSFetchedResultsController to fetch data:

class ArtistsViewController < Nitron::TableViewController
  collection { Artist.all }

  layout do |cell, artist|
    cell.textLabel.text =

  selected do |artist|
    push EventsViewController, :artist => artist

Each TableViewController is bound to a collection of objects -- either an Array, or a collection accessible by an NSFetchRequest. Be sure to wrap the declaration in a block to ensure it is evaluated as late as possible.

Like Rails, Nitron strives for convention over configuration. By default, we initialize properties like the controller's title from the class name -- in this case, Artists. You may override this by specifying title, and providing either a static String, or a block that returns a String.

Nitron::TableViewController also adds a push convenience method to encapsulate the common pattern of calling the next controller when using a UINavigationController.

Declarative entity specification:

class Artist < Nitron::Entity
  field :name,      :type => String
  field :imageUrl,  :type => String
  field :updatedAt, :type => Time

NOTE: the CoreData integration is more for testing the UI helpers. We're doing R&D right now to determine the best way to wrap CoreData, as well as support migrations. If you have thoughts on this, please contact me via Twitter (@mattgreenrocks).

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