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"show documentation" takes focus #38

glyph opened this Issue · 4 comments

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When I show the documentation, I am usually doing it so I will know what arguments to pass; the window currently takes focus, which means that I have to manually move my cursor back. It would be nice if it could pop up without interrupting my typing.


Usually I hit ESC key to return back to the buffer when I get the info.

I'll take a look anyway.


@DamnWidget Exactly - I don't want to hit ESC because I want to keep the docs open and continue to referring to them as I add in arguments. This is useful only for functions with long/complex argument lists, but if the argument list is short and simple then I generally remember it and don't need to look at the docs in the first place :).

@DamnWidget DamnWidget referenced this issue from a commit in DamnWidget/SublimeRope
@Mambabot Mambabot fix for issue #38 7a8a6a3

I just fix it, jus wait for Julian to merge.

I love twisted, btw :P


I think this issue should be closed since was fixed in pull requets #39

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