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My update of the rlstevenson Jekyll theme ( Used on my website,


This theme is structured to provide a simple personal portfolio and blog that can be hosted as a GitHub Page. Briefly, the major moving parts on this site are:

  • Projects: Projects are the primary focus of this website. Each project is contained in its own subdirectory in _projects. Each subdirectory must contain a Markdown file where the project is described and relevant metadata for the project (grid image, grid priority, images for carousel, etc.) is collected. Take a look at the example projects for structure and formatting examples. Images for each project should be contained in the project subdirectory. I find it convenient to contain other linked files in project subdirectories as well.
  • Posts: Blog posts are written as Markdown files and contained in the _posts directory.
  • Pages: Pages wind up being a second-class citizen in this template. The only pages that are used currently are the blog and the About pages. You can add more if you want!

Other Useful Files

Some other places you may want to look:

  • /_config.yml: Basic Jekyll configuration parameters for site.
  • /_data/menu.yml: Defines items that show up in menu in sidebar.
  • /_sass/rlstevenson.scss: Custom CSS for site. There are a bunch of canned color schemes from the original rlstevenson theme, as well as the custom theme that I added (scheme-jlb-invert).

Finally, as I'm sure is abundantly clear to most folks who might look at this, I have almost no idea what I'm doing with HTML/CSS, Jekyll/Markdown, or really web design as a whole. If you find problems with the template; if I've screwed up something related to licensing or attribution (unfortunately, likely); if you have suggestions for how the template could be improved; or if you just appreciate the template, please let me know!