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(Classes, Pointers, Agents) Simulation code for the Rotor-Router Mechanism - Made as part of a research program in the Graduate School of Infosci and Tech at Osaka University (June - August 2018)
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My research topic during my two month stay at the Masuzawa Laboratory at Osaka University was... the Evaluation of the Rotor-Router Mechanism. I covered a number of papers from Yanovski's proposal of the edge ant algorithm in 2003, to parallel walks efficiency and the robustness of the rotor-router algorithm (2015, 2016). The culmination of my research lies within the final presentation that I made on August 9th, the paper itself (27 pages), and the simulation program that can take in any graph as an input and produce reliable data for analysis.

The custom C++ simulation program that I wrote takes two inputs: the number of steps a mobile agent takes when patrolling the given graph (which is defined before the input is asked), and the number of tests the simulation is to make. This means that if steps is equal to 100 and tests is equal to 50, the mobile agent will make 100 moves, and after 100 moves have been made, the stabilization period for Euler cycle lock-in will be calculated alongside the number of visits for each edge and vertex in the graph. These calculations and the test itself will then be repeated 50 times with everything being randomized, allowing for more accurate data. Two example graphs are provided as text files, which can then be inputted at the beginning of the int main function. Images are also provided within the GraphImages folder that provide a visual of the example graphs provided.
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