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(Flask, Python, MongoDB, HTML/CSS, Postman) A full stack website where Japanese students can share their experiences living abroad
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Learn from other's experiences abroad. Then create your own.

The name is not final in any way. Ryugaku (留学) means to study abroad, and is something that many students around the world dream to experience at some point in their lives as students. Ryugaku is a currently in development full stack website that allows Japanese students who have or are currently studying abroad in the United States to post 'omoide' (オモイデ), or 'memories', which are short blog-like posts that describe a certain event or tips that the student may have. These omoide are aimed towards both other students who are studying abroad in the United States, as well as those that may be interested in studying abroad in the future, or simply want to learn more about what life is like in the United States.

Omoide are split into two categories - Career (就職活動) and Lifestyle (日常生活). Ryugaku is aiming to be the central hub for both study abroad students and regular Japanese students and working people by having omoide be written by college email-verified students and alumni who have experienced life in the United States for more than a year. Find thoughts and advice on the Boston Career Forum (Career), interviews with foreign companies (外資系, Career), dormitory life with foreigners (Lifestyle), going to the gym in the US (Lifestyle), and more!

Current Home Page

Image 1

Omoide UI (Rough)

Image 2

Register Page (Rough)

Image 3

Login Page (Rough, Working)

Image 4

User Profile Page (Rough, Working)

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Full Stack Web Development & Design - Julian M. Rice

Overall Design and Support - Banri Miyazawa

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