An alternative AirConsole API integration for Unity®.
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The Volplane Project

Create games for AirConsole in a breeze!

Volplane is a feature-rich framework for the Unity® game engine that provides a better and faster workflow for creating AirConsole games.


The Project

The Volplane project is an alternative AirConsole implementation for the Unity® game engine. It consists of a sophisticated C# library for Unity 3D and a powerful controller editor providing a user-friendly environment that simplifies the whole development process. It was created from the ground up from a designer's perspective and offers all the tools for a fast and productive game creation workflow. Experience the probably most versatile and easiest way to build a game for AirConsole.


  • A powerful controller editor that lets you create complex layouts for the players mobile controllers.
  • A C# library which interacts with the AirConsole API and reduces your amount of work.
  • A convenient environment where fast and frequent iterations are possible.

Quick Start

Please visit Volplanes website for detailed information about the project and a full documentation. The easiest way to get started is by reading the install instructions and this starting guide here.

Basic Scripting Usage

Scripts should inherit from VolplaneBehaviour instead of MonoBehaviour (you can still access all Unity related functionality).

using UnityEngine;
using Volplane;

public class Demo : VolplaneBehaviour
    // Basic usage...
    void OnReady()
        // Set standard view for all players
    void Update()
        // If game master presses button "myButton"
        if(VInput.GetButtonDown(GetMaster(), "myButton"))
            Debug.Log("Pressed button!");

Copyright / License

The project is licensed under the GNU GPL v3. Copyright by Julian Schönbächler, 2018. If you find bugs or have ideas for new features, take a look at the issue tracker and open a new ticket.


The Volplane project is a third-party plugin developed by Julian Schönbächler and not maintained by AirConsole. The AirConsole team can not provide any kind of support regarding technical problems or issues.