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Mensa Web-App using Vue.js as frontend and Lumen by Laravel as backend
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A web-app which lists the menus of Berlin’s student cafeterias. The various configuration options not only help to sort the menus according to your personal taste or food allergies but also to highlight favorite meals.


This project hasn't been maintained in quite a long time and I'm currently trying to get this massive pile of outdated dependencies in order and clean up other mistakes I made then.

Long term goal is also to move the Laravel-server to express.js.


Installing all dependencies:

npm install

Also check out API_URL in /mclient/ so it for your dev-environment.

If you don't need a local API-Server, just put the production-link there.

Running local Server:

Host is per default and therefore public in your local network. If you don't want this behavior change the host in the webpack.config.js to localhost.

npm run dev


Long term goal is to move away from PHP


You will need:

  1. PHP 71
  2. MongoDB driver for PHP
  3. npm
  4. Composer
	brew install php71
	brew install php71-mongodb
	echo 'extension="/usr/local/opt/php71-mongodb/"' >> /private/etc/php.ini
	brew install composer

Don't forget to run

	composer install

Running local Server:

Replace localhost with if you want the server to be public in your local network.

php -S -t public

Merging into Production

git merge master
"Resolve any conflicts"
git checkout master
git merge development


Using gitmoji for all new commits.

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