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Archive is a web platform that helps you to share, store, and index media files.

Setup and Configuration

Building and running the Server

Because the server is using the sodium encryption library, libsodium needs to be build on your machine during npm install. If the build process failes you are probably missing build dependencies. On macOS you can install these with brew by running brew install libtool autoconf automake.

# Install dependencies
npm install
# Run dev-server
npm run dev
# Build server
npm run build

If you want to change the server configuration, copy the example.env file, rename it to .env and uncomment the values you want to change.

Setting up the Database

In order to run the server, you need a development PostgreSQL. To make the setup easier, there is a docker-compose file. To install the database you can simply run this from the root directory:

docker-compose up -d

When you've got the database set up, you can run the following command in the server/ directory to initialize it:

npm run knex migrate:latest

If the database has not been set up with docker-compose you might need to change the connection configuration in the .env file.

Building and running the Client

# Install dependencies
npm install
# Run dev-server
npm run dev
# Build client
npm run build

Contribution and Commits

Contributions such as pull requests, reporting bugs and suggesting enhancements are always welcome!

We're using gitmoji for all commits.


A Platform to upload videos, images and GIFs so that they can be archived and organized to be found more easily.



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