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Service de jeux multi-joueur web-friendly


  • docker >= 1.11
  • docker-compose
  • node >= 8.0

API EndPoints :

Resource URL Methods Description Requires Token More information
/auth/account GET current user profile TRUE
/auth/account/reset/ GET link receive via e-mail to change password FALSE
/auth/account/:id GET specifice user profile FALSE public informations
/auth/register POST local register FALSE
/auth/login POST local login FALSE
/auth/login/admin POST local login admin FALSE
/auth/forgot POST give your email and get a url in your email to change password FALSE
/auth/account/reset PUT change effectively your password TRUE
/auth/accound/update PUT update user profile TRUE
/auth/logout DELETE local logout TRUE
/auth/unregister DELETE unregister user TRUE remove all informations about the user
/queue/ GET get the whole queue TRUE (admin) queue is all the games available on Webgames
/queue/actives GET get all the actives games (only names) TRUE (admin)
/admin/:name GET get all the informations about a game TRUE (admin)
/admin/:name/:attr GET get attribute of a game (e.g.: max players) TRUE (admin)
/queue/:name POST add game TRUE (admin)
/queue/:name PUT update game TRUE (admin)
/queue/:name DELETE delete game TRUE (admin)
/admin GET admin page TRUE (admin)
/admin/login GET admin login page FALSE

Manager Commands:

Name Usage Description Usable by
help help (?P<command>)? Get command list or full help about a specific command. Clients
help help command list:( (?P<command>\w+))+ Give the list of available commands (reply of help without command) Server
help help (?P<command>\w+) (?P<infos>.*) Usage: (?P<usage>.*) Give command informations (reply of help with a command) Server
ping ping (?P<value>[0-9]{4}) Send a ping request with a 4 digit random value Everybody
pong pong (?P<value>[0-9]{4}) Reply to a ping, the value must be the same has the one sent in along the ping command. Everybody
quit quit (?P<reason>.*)? Close the connection, the socket must be closed right after sending or receiving the command. Everybody
error error (?P<message>.*) informate the client its command failed Server
enable enable (?P<game>\w+) Enable a game by allowing players to join its queue. Web API
disable disable (?P<game>\w+) Disable a game by kicking players from its queue and disallow players to join it. Web API
join join (?P<queue>\w+) Join a game by first joining its queue. User
leave leave (?P<queue>\w+)? Leave a specific queue if a queue is given or all queues otherwise. User

Installation step

Clone the repo

git clone

Create a .env and fill it with the right informations


Start all the services at once

docker-compose up -d
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