Update to work with require.js version 2.0.0 #2

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At least is now req.nameToUrl() has changed to req.toUrl().
And for some reason adding 'tpl!navigation.html' throws error "navigation.js" not found!


Thanks for the feedback !
Actually I didn't test yet with Require.js 2. Sad thing if the API is broken...
I'll fix it ASAP.

@ZeeAgency ZeeAgency added a commit that referenced this issue May 29, 2012
@ZeeAgency ZeeAgency Fix Issue #2 d3676c6

This should help :) I've tested really quick with the demo and it seems OK.
Btw, may I know the project, if public, where you're using this plugin ?
Thanks again !

@ZeeAgency ZeeAgency closed this May 29, 2012

Working great! That was fast!

I have bunch of helper functions that are used on templates.
Could they be somehow available for templates implicitly?
Instead of saying:

myTemplate(_.extend(helperFunctions, {name: 'john'})

I would like to just say:

myTemplate({name: 'john'})

I don't want to put them in global namespace either. Any suggestions for having some configuration hook?


Nice feature request actually, I have the same needs currently and didn't took the time to make it. I'll see what I can do :)


Perhaps having tplHelpers in config could be the right way of passing the default helpers for templates?

tplHelpers: {formattedDate: function(date) {...}}

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