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Rx Training Games is a coding playground that can be used to learn and practice Reactive Extensions coding grid-based games.

See it in action here.

The project ambitions are to :

  • offer a way to learn new technology while having fun - with as little hardware and software requirements as possible
  • demonstrate how leveraging current technology makes it easy to build such training platforms

The idea came out of several sources of inspiration :

How does it work

Rx Training Games is a standalone JavaScript app that runs entirely in the browser, its sole requirement.

Execution of user submitted JavaScript is secured using Jailed and is saved in the browser's local storage.

GitHub Gists can be used to publicly share code samples.

Developing using Reactive Extensions is possible in JavaScript thanks to RxJS. Concepts found in this project are equally applicable to any of Reactive Extensions' implementations.

A combination of HTML5 Canvas and a custom built API allows the developer to interact with a grid-based display.

How to contribute

Rx Training Games allows you to experiment your own ideas by developing code samples inside the browser.

Please consider improving the project by publishing your code samples. Here are the steps :

  1. fork and clone the project
  2. create a directory for your work in js/samples
  3. add a JavaScript and a file taking as example js/samples/meteorites
  4. register your sample in js/samples/catalog.js
  5. test your contribution by building and running the project locally
  6. commit, push and create a pull request

Contributions to the platform core are also welcomed. See how to build and run the code locally.


Developing code samples is done using the API.

How to build and run the code locally

Building and running the project is done using npm with the method described in

The following commands assume you have npm installed and the project has been primed using npm install.

  • build & run for development : npm start (alias of npm run build:dev && npm run start:server:dev)
  • build & run for production : npm run start:prod (alias of npm run build:prod && npm run start:server:prod)

A Hotshell menu is provided with these commands. See its source.

Browser Compatibility

The conciseness of the code examples provided in the platform rely heavily on Arrow functions.

You will need a browser from this list to use the platform.

Embedded mode

Code samples can be embedded in web pages using an iframe :


See embedded mode demo and Introducing Rx Training Games.

Auto start can be prevented by appending &preventstart=true to the URL.

Other Playgrounds

Here is a list of projects that have goals in common with Rx Training Games :


'Rx Training Games' is released under the GPL v3 (or later) license, see gpl-3.0.txt.


Learn and practice Reactive Extensions coding grid-based games






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