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Turtl Backup

This program permits to download a whole turtl account for offline backuping, and optionally decrypt the backup file, then optionally export the decrypted file to markdown.


You can install turtl-backup using pip:

pip3 install turtl-backup


There's a graphical user interface:


And a command line tool, here's its usage:

usage: turtl-backup [-h] {backup,get_auth_token,export} ...

Backup a turtl account.

positional arguments:
                      Backup can be done with a login/password pair or using
                      an auth token.
  backup              Backup a turtl account (with a password or an auth
  get_auth_token      Get a turtl auth token
  export              Decrypt and export all notes in the given directory.

optional arguments:
-h, --help            show this help message and exit

So typically to create an encrypted backup:

$ turtl-backup backup backup.json
username: test

To decrypt a backup:

$ turtl-backup decrypt backup.json backup/
username: test

To export a decrypted backup to markdown:

$ turtl-backup export backup/ backup-md/
$ cat backup-md/
type: text
title: Hello
tags: []
url: None
username: None
password: None



Is it possible to setup a cron to backup my notes without storing my login/password in plaintext in my crontab?

Yes, the turtl auth_token is enough to backup an account. You can get your auth token using turtl-backup get_auth_token, but still be carefull not to leak it. Then use turtl-backup backup --auth-token YOUR_AUTH_TOKEN.

Is it possible to decrypt my notes using my auth_token?

No, you'll need your login and password again.