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MagicMirror module to display latest new astronomical transients such as supernova candidates
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MMM-tns is a MagicMirror module to display latest new astronomical transients from TNS such as supernova candidates.


You need to have MagicMirror installed first. Then go to the modules folder and clone this repository:

cd /path/to/MagicMirror/modules
git clone

You might have to install it if you do not have the request package:

cd /path/to/MagicMirror/modules/MMM-tns
npm install


The default preview with cutouts:


Note that the cutouts are empty if they cannot be found. The same without the cutouts:



Edit the MagicMirror configuration file (config/config.js), and add a new module:

  module: 'MMM-tns',
  position: 'top_right',
  config: {
      header: "<img src='' alt='logo' />",
      nrows: 5,
      date_start: '2019-12-20',
      classified_sne: '1',
      intervalSeconds: 60 * 60,
      emptyMessage: "No data",
      withImage: true,
      columns: [
          { name: "Name", title: "Name", cssClass: "left" },
          { name: "Reporting Group/s", title: "Reporting Group/s", cssClass: "right" },
          { name: "Obj. Type", title: "Obj. Type", cssClass: "right" },
          { name: "Disc. Internal Name", title: "Disc. Internal Name", cssClass: "left" },
          { name: "Discovery Date (UT)", title: "Discovery Date (UT)", cssClass: "left" }

The different options are

Name Type Comments
header string Simple text, or html to display image
nrows int Number of objects to display
date_start string Earliest date to start YYYY-MM-DD
classified_sne string '0' is all candidates, '1' is only confirmed supernova
intervalSeconds int Interval in seconds to rerun the query
emptyMessage string What to display when the query returns no objects
withImage bool Display cutouts or not
columns list of dict Object properties to display (see below)

The available object properties are: ID, Name, Reps, Class, RA, DEC, Obj. Type, Redshift, Host Name, Host Redshift, Reporting Group/s, Discovery Data Source/s, Classifying Group/s, Disc. Internal Name, Public, Object Spectra, Discovery Mag, Discovery Mag, Filter, Discovery Date (UT), Sender.

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