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Carmen Sandiego with React.js

The Game

Inspired by the original Carmen Sandiego 1990/1991 MS-DOS Version.


Install with yarn install or npm install

Run the game in dev mode to http://localhost:3000 with hot reload yarn start or npm start

Builds the app for production to the build folder. yarn build or npm run build

Launches the test runner in the interactive watch mode. npm test

This project was bootstrapped with Create React App.


  • Save and Restore the state of the game in localStorage with possibily to rename each save
  • Add animation when expiration time i.e. the date is superior at Sunday, 5pm.
  • Add animation when the user has a wrong warrant
  • Fix map animation plane when the user go back from a wrong destination
  • Compress and optimize mp4 animations, mp3 sounds and jpg pictures and store them to cdn
  • Fix french i18n translations : place, date, end messages, dossiers, typemachine, etc.
  • Add shortcuts keyboard
  • Write some tests with Jest
  • Fix animation display bug on Opera browser
  • Improve close button design
  • Fix eval() on crime options
  • Add credit webpage
  • Move EndFail EndSuccess to Config json
  • Preload media
  • Move backdrop at top level


Typemachine interactive instructions divided through 20 steps. Main steps are: * Username input text * New user ? Button yes or no (TO DO store user on remote) * Start the case and follow the first instructions

Typemachine at the end of the case. Fail or success.

At step 20, the case is starting.

Clues choosen within modal with emojis and vilain animation + club Bubble

Destinations choosen on modal with emojis and map animation

Crime computer with 5 forms select: Sex, Hobby, Feature, Hair, Vehicule

Dossiers of criminels from the menu

Save and restore game with localStorage from the menu

i18n English and French

Data of the case are stored onto a json files GameData/Data/


Carmen Sandiego React.js



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