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Google +1 Button Not Showing #44

ghost opened this Issue · 5 comments

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I know people have already asked this, but I have tried with no luck. I am trying to use a set of buttons identical to your Example One. I have configured everything, and added sharrre.php to my root. BUT, the Google +1 button is not showing up. The URL is

As you can see the +1 button does not appear. I did try doing a test, by going to and it spits out "{"url":null,"count":0}"

If I tried typing in a URL it gives me a 404 error.

Any ideas?


On your example, when you open console of your browser, you can see this URL:

You need this:
urlCurl: '/jesse/wp-content/themes/J2/sharrre.php',


Thanks. so because this is a wordpress site, the root URL needs to be defined? I tried placing the urlCurl path in the plusOne js like so:

share: {
googlePlus: true
enableHover: false,
enableTracking: true,
urlCurl: '/jesse/wp-content/themes/J2/sharrre.php',
click: function(api, options){

This did not work, same results as before.


OK, great! Turns out it doesn't work locally with MAMP...but it does live on the server. Thanks!


You're welcome :)
You need to enable curl on MAMP.

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