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Jumbef's Minecraft mapper

Pure Python Minecraft mapper

Minecraft version:

  • 1.12 : Tested : OK
  • 1.13 : Not working yet

Python version:

  • Python3 (tested with Python 3.6.5)

Embeded Python dependencies:

  • pypng
  • html5lib


Clone or download the repository


"jmm.py", "jmm-colors.json" and "libs" have to be in the same folder. You can delete any other file if you want.

Then run

jmm.py -s path/to/source/folder/containingMcaFiles/ -d path/to/destination/folder/ -m

All parameters:

  • -s --src path/to/source/folder/containingMcaFiles/
    • Relative or absolute path to a folder caontaining the Minecraft's MCA files.
  • -d --dst path/to/destination/folder/
    • Relative or absolute path to the folder where the generated PNG will be placed.
  • -m --monde
    • The whole map will be generated. (French word for 'world' because -w is used for 'web'.)
  • -r --regions
    • A sub-map for each region will be generated. (And will be reused for update when implemented.)
  • -f --force
    • Force each sub-map to be regenerated even if the PNG file is newer than the MCA file. (Almost implicit for the moment.)
  • -w --web
    • Try to find the colors of unknow blocks IDs from minecraft.gamepedia.com and put them in the jmm-colors.json file.
  • -v --verbose
    • Display unknows blocks Ids. (If you want to manually completing the jmm-colors.json file.)

To do:

  • Implement reuse of already generated region's PNG as data source. (in addition to just skipping the file generation)