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Metaverse Moderator

This is an early pre-release version and is in active development

MeMo is a cloud-based solution for all your text moderation needs, providing web services for easy integration from VR apps and a web page to perform your moderation tasks.

All analysis is performed by APis. Further details can be found at:

Azure static web apps, storage solutions and web functions are used to provide the VR integration and moderation platform.

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Message - analysis service

The "message" web service is the core entry point for analysing text based content. See script.js in the web app for examples on how it is consumed. Call this from your VR app.

Request format
    "MeMoKey": "YourKey" // key configured in MeMoKey
    "function": "AnalyseDocument", // or AnalyseReview
    "document", "All document text here"

Example response format:
    "status":"Blocked", // or OK
    "sentiment":"neutral", // or positive or negative
    "emotionalTraits":"Resentment, Delite",
    "hateCategories":"Racism, Threat and Violence",
    "hateExtractions":[ // category and problem text
        {"name":"hate","value":"i hate people like you"},
        {"name":"violence","value":"i will murder you"}],
    "pii":[ // category and problem text
        {"name":"telephone","value":"01143 678765"}]}

Azure Configuration

Create a table for the queue, later will be changed to "queue storage". Configure the following:

    "expertAiUsername": "",
    "expertAiPassword": "",
    "accountName": "", // General Azure settings
    "storageAccountKey": "", // General Azure settings
    "storageUri": "", // General Azure settings
    "tableName": "ModerationQueue", 
    "MeMoKey": ""

Next steps:

  • Investigate further classifications using's "Document classification" API.
  • Add additional web service for QueueSumbission rather than the VR app writing to the table.
  • Fine tune logic of when stories require moderation.
  • Release Idea engine with MeMo fully integrated to test and improve.


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