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JumboCode 2018-2019 project for Ears 4 Peers, led by Alex Johnson.
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Build Status

JumboCode 2018-2019 project for Ears 4 Peers. This site is currently under construction and not actively used by Tufts Ears 4 Peers. If you'd like to reach out to Ears 4 Peers, go to their website: Ears 4 Peers.


To Clone:

git clone


npm install


  • Run normally with the authentication module:

    DATABASE_URL=<db_url> npm start
  • Run without the database module (you don't need the mongod tab and disables database and authentication)

    NODB=true npm start

Team Members

  • Anika Agarwal
  • Titapa Chaiyakiturajai
  • Jack Collins
  • Jasmine Falk
  • Lucy Fan
  • Erena Inoue
  • Alex Johnson
  • Melvin Lin
  • Sinclair Meggit
  • Savion Sample
  • Derek Sims
  • Steven Song
  • Isabel Whittaker-Walker
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