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Simple Forums for Umbraco
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Simple umbraco bits, for building on.

Jumoo.Simpily is our project to build some nice and simple building blocks of umbraco packages, that others might want to use as a starting point for something amazing.

There are lots of packages for umbraco, and they do cool stuff, but sometimes you want the simple things, because you have to make it fit with something else or you just don't need all the bells and whistles.

Overtime we will be adding to the simpily list, but for know we are building:

Simpily Forums

Simple forums, that have posts, and replies, and forums and email notifications and not much else.

at it's heart simpily forums is just two partial views, and a SurfaceController, but it has the core blocks that let you have forums without all the other stuff (that means you have to bring your own authentication)


dead basic authentication, lets people register for your site, verify their account via email, reset their password, and logon and off.

there isn't much else to this, but when you need authentication that actually does some email sending to check, this will be a good place to pick it up from.


Other things as they occur to us - or if you have an idea?

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