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0003635: If a trigger is deleted after it has been queue'd for a reload,

but before it has had batches created a null pointer can occur
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chenson42 committed Jul 18, 2018
1 parent 590f0c7 commit 0b3e946c761950a2cb5b2c0116f668a4352f1bfa
@@ -1825,7 +1825,7 @@ protected void updateExtractRequestStatus(ISqlTransaction transaction, long extr

protected boolean canProcessExtractRequest(ExtractRequest request, CommunicationType communicationType) {
Trigger trigger = this.triggerRouterService.getTriggerById(request.getTriggerId());
if (trigger != null && !trigger.getSourceTableName().equalsIgnoreCase(TableConstants.getTableName(tablePrefix,
if (trigger == null || !trigger.getSourceTableName().equalsIgnoreCase(TableConstants.getTableName(tablePrefix,
TableConstants.SYM_FILE_SNAPSHOT))) {
return true;
} else {

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