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0003883: Lost heartbeat when using more than two node groups

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erilong committed Mar 8, 2019
1 parent ab0360b commit 2ca2f456c5be6b9881309d5bfdc619d55f25bd8a
@@ -1066,8 +1066,8 @@ public void test26Heartbeat() throws Exception {
rootHeartbeatTimeBefore, rootHeartbeatTimeAfter);

"The client heartbeat time should have been the same as the root heartbeat time.",
clientHeartbeatTimeAfter, rootHeartbeatTimeAfter);
"The root heartbeat time should have been equal to or after the client heartbeat time.",
rootHeartbeatTimeAfter.getTime() >= clientHeartbeatTimeAfter.getTime(), true);
} finally {

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