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0003825: Oracle bulk loader using SQL*Loader sqlldr

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elong committed Dec 11, 2018
1 parent ece9646 commit 5f952921ae7f0ad09fb83c596b0348f0f7c36c8a
@@ -232,7 +232,11 @@ private ParameterConstants() {
public final static String DBDIALECT_ORACLE_USE_HINTS = "oracle.use.hints";
public final static String DBDIALECT_ORACLE_SEQUENCE_NOORDER = "oracle.sequence.noorder";
public final static String DBDIALECT_ORACLE_SEQUENCE_NOORDER_NEXTVALUE_DB_URLS = "oracle.sequence.noorder.nextvalue.db.urls";

public final static String DBDIALECT_ORACLE_BULK_LOAD_SQLLDR_CMD = "oracle.bulk.load.sqlldr.cmd";
public final static String DBDIALECT_ORACLE_BULK_LOAD_COMMIT_SIZE = "oracle.bulk.load.commit.size";
public final static String DBDIALECT_ORACLE_BULK_LOAD_DIRECT_PATH = "";
public final static String DBDIALECT_ORACLE_BULK_LOAD_EZCONNECT = "oracle.bulk.load.ezconnect";

public final static String DBDIALECT_TIBERO_USE_TRANSACTION_VIEW = "tibero.use.transaction.view";
public final static String DBDIALECT_TIBERO_TEMPLATE_NUMBER_SPEC = "tibero.template.precision";
public final static String DBDIALECT_TIBERO_USE_HINTS = "tibero.use.hints";
@@ -1589,6 +1589,34 @@ oracle.sequence.noorder=false
# DatabaseOverridable: true

# Path to the sqlldr executable for running Oracle SQL*Loader.
# If blank, it will check for ORACLE_HOME environment variable and find sqlldr there.
# Otherwise, it will run "sqlldr" and expect the operating system to find it.
# Tags: other
# DatabaseOverridable: false

# For bulk loading with SQL*Loader, specify how to connect to the database with an ezconnect name.
# If blank, the connection is determined using the db.url parameter.
# Tags: other
# DatabaseOverridable: false

# Enable direct path loading with SQL*Loader, which is much faster than conventional path.
# Tags: other
# Type: boolean
# DatabaseOverridable: false

# Specify the commit size for SQL*Loader when using conventional path bulk loading.
# Tags: other
# DatabaseOverridable: false

# Use to map the version string a zseries jdbc driver returns to the 'zseries' dialect
# Tags: other

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