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0003958: Add table_name variable to subselect router

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erilong committed May 15, 2019
1 parent ea4e360 commit 9356cf389fbedbf562440f7453475e1349c27351
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@@ -21,14 +21,24 @@ where c.node_group_id=:NODE_GROUP_ID
and c.sync_enabled=1 and ...

As you can see, you have access to information about the node currently under consideration for routing through
the 'c' alias, for example c.external_id . There are two node-related tokens you can use in your expression:
The SQL statement has access to the following variables that are replaced before running:

.Variables available to the subselect router

|:NODE_GROUP_ID|The target node group ID that is configured for the router.

|:EXTERNAL_DATA|The external data for current row, as configured by sym_trigger.external_select.

|:TABLE_NAME|The table name for the current row.

|:COLUMN_NAME|Variables named for each column name (in uppercase), which return the column value for the new row.

|:OLD_COLUMN_NAME|Variables named for each column name (in uppercase and prefixed with OLD_), which return the column value for the old row.


Column names representing data for the row in question are prefixed with a colon as well., for example: :EMPLOYEE_ID, or :OLD_EMPLOYEE_ID.
Here, the OLD_ prefix indicates the value before the change in cases where the old data has been captured.

.Sample Use Case for Subselect Router

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