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0003809: Data extract and routing fallback to contains_big_lob

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erilong committed Mar 12, 2019
1 parent d4b10ad commit b1981c6ab109d05e0674559a2feb981b9c93c0c1
@@ -1051,8 +1051,14 @@ protected OutgoingBatch extractOutgoingBatch(ProcessInfo extractInfo, Node targe
if (!configurationService.getNodeChannel(currentBatch.getChannelId(), false).getChannel().isContainsBigLob()) {
log.warn(e.getMessage());"Re-attempting extraction with contains_big_lobs enabled for channel " + currentBatch.getChannelId());
IStagedResource resource = getStagedResource(currentBatch);
if (resource != null) {
dataReader = buildExtractDataReader(sourceNode, targetNode, currentBatch, extractInfo, true);
writer = wrapWithTransformWriter(sourceNode, targetNode, extractInfo, dataWriter, useStagingDataWriter);
new DataProcessor(dataReader, writer, listener, "extract").process(ctx);
} else {
throw e;

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