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Releases: Jumperbillijumper/jumpcoin

Jumpcoin 2.0 (Hardfork)

21 Jan 18:51
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We are happy to announce the new Jumpcoin 2.0 Wallet.

Changes in this version:

  • completly new codebase (Blackcoin Fork)
  • keep old addresses (wallet.dat) and coins with new blockchain (after 01.February.2024)
  • fix 2 Jump Blockreward (decreasing percentage inflation)
  • implemented a fee burn mechanism
  • complete burn of our premine (burned over 18 000 000 Coins); premine is now 0%; we only transfered the old coins on the new chain
  • implemented a dev donation of 20% from the blockreward

Jumpcoin 1.1

28 Feb 19:09
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New Jumpcoin Wallet version with some bugfixes. Jumpcoin Blockchain is working again.

  • Now block 1.000.000+ is possible
  • Added fresh new seednodes
  • Updated some old source code

Jumpcoin Windows and Linux Wallet

18 Apr 12:43
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Now you can download the Windows and Linux Wallet for Jumpcoin.

If the loading of the blockchain takes too long. Download the and unzip it. Drag the contents of the ZIP into the jumpcoin folder.

For syncing issues, you can copy the jumpcoin.conf in the "C:\Users\YOURUSERNAMEINWINDOWS\AppData\Roaming\jumpcoin" folder.


Ab sofort ist das Windows und das Linux Wallet für den Jumpcoin herunterladbar.

Falls euch das laden der Blockchain zu lange dauert. Ladet euch die herunter und entpackt diese. Zieht den Inhalt der ZIP in den jumpcoin Ordner ziehen.

Bei Synchronisierungsproblemen, kann die Jumpcoin.conf in den Ordner "C:\Users\YOURUSERNAMEINWINDOWS\AppData\Roaming\jumpcoin" kopiert werden.