A sample repo to demonstrate how to create a build server for STM32 projects
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STM32 Build Server example

A sample repo to demonstrate how continuous integration works on STM32 projects. This sample is based on the following tutorial. Follow the instructions in the link to set this up yourself.

Click here to see the latest build result and artifact on CircleCI - CircleCI

Here's another example of a working continuous integration tool using Travis CI - Build Status

What's in this sample

  1. We used STM32CubeMX to generate a Makefile project. This is required in order to have a project we can easily build on a Linux machine with GCC-ARM.
  2. We then created a Docker container with the toolchain installed.
  3. Next, we configured CircleCI and TravisCI to build our project every time we push new code to GitHub.

For full details and walkthrough, head to the following link.

How to run the build server locally


Docker - (if you’re looking to implement a continuous integration process, Docker is one of the building blocks you’ll need).

Run these commands

docker pull jumperio/vlab-gcc-arm
git clone https://github.com/Jumperr-labs/stm32_cubemx_sample.git
cd stm32_cubemx_sample
docker run -v $PWD:/my_files_in_docker –entrypoint /usr/bin/make jumperio/vlab-gcc-arm -C my_files_in_docker

Next steps

The following post demonstrates how to use CircleCI, TravisCI and Docker to create a continuous integration process with test automation. See this link for more details.

Check out this test automation and continuous integration for embedded software blog to learn more.

To Start using the Jumper Virtual Lab, click here for more details.