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Blogger Advanced

This is a sample project for use with the tutorials at http://tutorials.jumpstartlab.com

Please do not take it as a set of best practices. In fact, there are many intentional inefficiencies or points of ugliness setup for "fixing" through tutorial exercises.

Getting Started

git clone git://github.com/JumpstartLab/blogger_advanced.git
cd blogger_advanced
rake db:migrate
rails server


There are some branches to show some functionality.

  • bootstrap: it's the updated Blogger. It will probably be merged into master soon.
  • api: shows a single responsibility API controller for the articles.
  • secure_api_with_basic_auth: implements basic authentication for the API articles controller.
  • secure_api_with_http_token: implements http token authentication for the API articles controller.


If you find something that is outdated or doesn't work, feel free to submit a pull request. All contributions are greatly appreciated.