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Protection for when there are no articles, hence no most popular article

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1 parent 35a46ac commit 78e07a9f6cc818c957d42fedb18d779c7c7f0fc8 @jcasimir jcasimir committed Jan 10, 2012
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2 app/views/dashboard/show.html.erb
@@ -37,6 +37,6 @@
<li id='total_article_words'>Words in all articles: <%= @article_word_count %></li>
<li id='total_comment_words'>Words in all comments: <%= @comment_word_count %></li>
<li id='total_words'>Total Words: <%= @article_word_count + @comment_word_count %></li>
- <li id='most_popular'>Most Popular Article: <%= link_to @most_popular_article.title, @most_popular_article %></li>
+ <li id='most_popular'>Most Popular Article: <%= link_to @most_popular_article.title, @most_popular_article if @most_popular_article %></li>

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