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Using RVM or rbenv, visit the project directory and the tool will guide you through installation. On ubuntu, system ruby-1.9.3-p290 works fine.



Authoring and Editing Content


bundle exec rake preview

Generates the content and then lauches a Sinatra web application.

In your browser visit localhost:4000 or execute open http://localhost:4000 to lauch the browser.

Note: This project contains a lot of content so the initial generation will delay the initial startup of the webservice for a few seconds. Saved changes to the content will cause Jekyll to re-generate all of the content causing a delay before it is displayed in the browser. Ensure any caching is disabled.


bundle exec rake new_page["path/to/new/page.markdown"]

This will generate a page file at the specified location. All content that is created should be placed within the source path.

Note: Content pages should have the extension .markdown as the feedback link mechanism depends on that for creating the correct links to Github.

Custom Page Attributes

Sidebar - Table of Contents

You can automatically enable a Table of Contents for long pieces of content. This sidebar will place all h2 elements (generated from ## markdown) as linkable references.

An example:

layout: page
title: Object Oriented Javascript
sidebar: true

Custom Tags

{% terminal %} CODE {% endterminal %}

Generates the text inside of a OSX styled terminal window.

Lines that are commands are prefaced with a $. Lines without are treated as output.

{% terminal %} $ ruby -v ruby 1.9.3p194 (2012-04-20 revision 35410) [x86_64-darwin11.4.0] {% endterminal %}

{% irb %} CODE {% endirb %}

Generates the text inside of a OSX styled IRB window

Lines that are commands are prefaced with a $. Linesk without are treated as output.

{% irb %} $ 1 + 1 2 {% endirb %}

{% page_url filename-of-content %}

The page_url tag allows you to link to content without regard to knowing the relative or absolute path to the content item from the current item that you are editing.

### Great Javascript Tutorials

{% page_url 1-javascript-in-the-page %}
{% page_url 2-javascript-basics.markdown %}
{% page_url 3-dom-basics.html %}
  • The resulting link will use the title of the linked document
  • The extension of the file is ignored

{% section path/to/content.markdown path/to/image-to-display.png Title of Section %}

This tag will generate a special section layout which will embed the specified markdown content file in the page with an image and a special title.




Unless otherwise noted, all materials licensed Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Creative Commons License

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