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Sample app for learning about performance testing
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Performance Testing

This is a sample application used for learning performance testing.


  1. git clone this repository
  2. bundle install

Run the application

It's useful to run the application using a number of different servers, e.g. WEBrick, thin, puma, and unicorn.

rackup -s webrick -p 9000
rackup -s thin -p 9000
rackup -s puma -p 9000
unicorn -p 9000

Doing a benchmark

10 concurrent connections that will each run 100 requests:

GET request

ab -n 100 -c 10

POST request

ab -n 10 -c 2 -p data/small.json -T 'application/json'

You may want to generate the results to a CSV file, so that you can graph the results:

ab -n 100 -c 10 -e filename.csv

If you'd like to use GNUplot, then generate tab-delimited files instead:

ab -n 100 -c 10 -g filename.dat
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