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lib LSL has too many names Jan 31, 2014
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spec Ensure that all student files have a group Feb 6, 2014
.gitignore Experimenting with icons Jun 18, 2013
.rspec Initial Project with students' data Jun 10, 2013
.travis.yml Tell Travis to use Ruby 2.0.0 Feb 7, 2014
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Gemfile.lock Setup Pry in development Jan 30, 2014
Procfile Puma in dev and production Jun 18, 2013
README.markdown Run with bundle exec Jan 30, 2014
Rakefile Rescue loading RSpec for Rake when RSpec is not available (Heroku) Feb 6, 2014
config.rb Adding student photos first round Jan 31, 2014 Changing to return to use the .html extension Jun 10, 2013




  1. Run bundle
  2. Run bundle exec shotgun -s puma
  3. Visit http://localhost:9393