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## Group Members
-A, B, C, D
+Jan Koszewski, Chris Anderson, Travis Valentine, Melanie Gilman
## Discussion Notes
@@ -14,7 +14,18 @@ What elements get lost in the cocktail-conversation-level understanding of the b
#### Notes
-* Fill me in
+* Chris A: I feel like the big element that gets lost is "it doesn't matter what your idea is. If you follow these steps you'll be successful". I think there's a lot of examples where you could do stuff right and things can still go wrong.
+* Melanie G: Yeah, look at all the other social networks that existed.
+* Jan K: Exactly. Look at MySpace.
+* Jan K: I'd like to see how people get their company off the ground.
+* Chris A: How people start is totally different - there are those that have funding, and have started companies before, but there's the completely other side too.
+* Chris A: I like the whole startup within another company idea. It's refreshing.
+* Melanie G: I really liked the Intuit example. You think of them as being very Conservative, but it's cool to see they aren't.
+* Chris A: Take the opposite of a company like RIM for example.
+* Chris A: The nitty gritty market influences get lost.
+* Jan K: Like where do you go meet VCs?
+* Chris A: I don't think there's a right way.
+* Melanie G: I think the point of the book is you have a startup and here's what you do with it. Not how to start up.
### Question 2
@@ -23,7 +34,14 @@ But how would you use them to develop and launch a restaurant?
#### Notes
-* Fill me in
+* Melanie G: One of the things from the book is applicable is concierge MVP.
+* Jan K: I feel like you'd almost have to in the restaurant business.
+* Chris A: And the small batch vs large batch. The ability to change the menu on the fly on a day-to-day basis.
+* Melanie G: Also an emphasis on paying attention to what customers do not what they say.
+* Jan K: Providing a conduit for customer feedback and getting that testable feedback. I think you have to have that mechanism there.
+* Chris A: I think it's more A/B testing. Whether it's menu design, food choice, the waiters. The idea of the rapid prototype. Like food trucks.
+* Jan K: Reminds me of the beach bar downtown.
+* Travis V: Yeah, I mean the two aren't that different. It's all focused on delivering a product, right? So everything is related. Focus, simplicity, testing, metrics.
### Question 3
@@ -32,7 +50,14 @@ How do they conflict? How do you see LivingSocial practicing the ideas from "The
#### Notes
-* Fill me in
+* Melanie G: I think the main thing is smaller teams where everyone has a different role. And that's definitely being practiced by LivingSocial.
+* Jan K: The startup within a startup.
+* Chris A: And the focus on the right metrics.
+* Travis V: The whole pod structure being enforced by LivingSocial seems to emphasize the tenets of The Lean Startup.
+* Chris A: In one sense it seems like Inspired was more structured.
+* Melanie G: Lean Startup wants more cross-focused responsibility.
+* Travis V: Yeah, Lean Startup said you could have all the right personnel but could still fail.
+* Jan K: I almost see Inspired as a bloating bureaucracy.
### Question 4
@@ -41,7 +66,10 @@ Would the iPod exist?
#### Notes
-* Fill me in
+* Travis V: The iPod was mentioned as a progression from the Walkman. The true risk the author mentioned was the business of people paying for music.
+* Chris A: On the hardware alone the iPod didn't match up. The genius was the ease of use and connection to the computer. The innovation was making that one little twist that set it apart.
+* Melanie G: It all depends.
+* Jan K: I feel like the barrier to entry for a big, revolutionary idea isn't in the scope of a lean startup.
### Further Discussion
@@ -50,4 +78,5 @@ What would you pursue? What would be your value hypothesis? Growth hypothesis?
#### Notes
-* Fill me in
+* Melanie G: I'd start a restaurant.
+* Chris A: I'd want to do a food truck. Breakfast food at night.

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