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Commits on Jun 4, 2012
  1. @mattyoho

    service oriented design

    mattyoho authored
Commits on May 29, 2012
  1. @jcasimir

    Merge pull request #259 from travisvalentine/group3notes

    jcasimir authored
    Add group 3 notes
  2. @jcasimir

    Merge pull request #260 from adigitalnative/lean_startup

    jcasimir authored
    Adding my notes for Lean Startup
  3. @jcasimir
  4. @jcasimir

    Merge pull request #262 from conanr/lean_startup_group_2

    jcasimir authored
    lean startup group 2 work
  5. @jcasimir

    Merge pull request #263 from MikeSilvis/group_lean

    jcasimir authored
    adding group 6 notes
  6. @jcasimir

    Merge pull request #264 from Andrewglass1/master

    jcasimir authored
    adding andys jquery notes
  7. @Andrewglass1

    adding my jquery notes

    Andrewglass1 authored
  8. adding group 6 notes

    Mike Silvis authored
  9. lean startup group 2 work

    Conan Rimmer authored
  10. @adigitalnative
  11. Add group 3 notes

    Travis Valentine authored
  12. @jcasimir
  13. @jcasimir

    Merge pull request #257 from eliseworthy/lean_group

    jcasimir authored
    group 5 notes
  14. @jcasimir

    Merge pull request #258 from athal7/group1

    jcasimir authored
  15. Add notes for group 1.

    athal7 authored
  16. @mikesea

    Group 4 notes

    mikesea authored
  17. group 5

    Elise Worthy authored
  18. @jcasimir

    Merge pull request #248 from marktabler/tabler

    jcasimir authored
    Tabler notes for Lean Startup
  19. @jcasimir

    Merge pull request #249 from Andrewglass1/master

    jcasimir authored
    andys notes
  20. @jcasimir

    Merge pull request #250 from darrellrivera/lean_startup

    jcasimir authored
    Adding notes for darrell
  21. @jcasimir

    Merge pull request #251 from worace/lean_startup

    jcasimir authored
    horace reading notes
  22. Remove trailing whitespace

    athal7 authored
  23. @jcasimir

    Merge pull request #252 from eweng/lean_startup

    jcasimir authored
    Lean startup
  24. @jcasimir

    Merge pull request #253 from mikesea/lean_startup

    jcasimir authored
    Mike C's notes for lean startup
  25. @jcasimir
  26. @jcasimir
  27. @1337807


    1337807 authored
  28. pushing my notes

    Mary Cutrali authored
  29. @nisargshah100


    nisargshah100 authored
  30. @mikesea
  31. @worace

    horace reading notes

    worace authored
  32. @wengzilla
  33. @wengzilla

    Adding ed's notes

    wengzilla authored
  34. Adding notes for darrell

    Darrell Rivera authored
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