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For Reading Group 4/2 purchase and read "Drive" by Daniel Pink from

Create a markdown text file and, after each chapter of reading, record:

  1. Summarize the chapter in a tweet - 140 characters
  2. What was your favorite quote of the chapter?
  3. What objections or disagreements or questions unanswered are you left with?

We'll use these notes in reading group.

Review Protocol

Phase 1 - Individual

  1. Fork this repository if you haven't already
  2. Add your notes as drive/individual_notes/lastname_firstname.markdown
  3. Push to Github
  4. Submit a pull request

Phase 2 - Group

  1. Gather into your group
  2. Pull the latest code from the master repository
  3. Collate and distill individual responses(*)
  4. Add them to the document for your chapter
  5. Push and submit a pull request

More details about the group session forthcoming