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For Reading Group 3/12 purchase and read "Hackers and Painters" by Paul Graham from

Create a simple markdown text file and, after each chapter of reading, record:

  1. Summarize the chapter ( 1+ bullets )
  2. What was one idea the surprised or stood out to you? Why? ( 2-4 sentences )
  3. What was a question that you saw as unanswered? ( 1-2 sentences )
  4. Did you have any objections or disagreements? ( 1-2 sentences)
  5. What were your key take aways or things you want to remember? ( 1+ bullets )

We'll use these notes in the reading group.

Review Protocol

Phase 1 - Individual

  1. Fork this repository
  2. Add your notes as hackers_and_painters/individual_notes/lastname_firstname.markdown
  3. Push to Github
  4. Submit a pull request

Step-by-Step Instructions

Here's how you might accomplish the above using GitHub and git:

1) Start at and click the Fork button in the upper right

2) Clone your repository down to your machine and create your notes file:

git clone git://
cd reading/hackers_and_painters/individual_notes
e mylastname_myfirstname.markdown

3) Add the text of your notes to the editor window and save it.

4) Push it up to GitHub:

git add .
git commit -m "Adding my notes for Hackers and Painters"
git push origin master

5) Go to your repository on GitHub and click the Pull Request button in the upper right

6) Give your request a title "Hackers and Painters Notes by " and click Send Pull Request

7) We'll merge the pull requests into the main repository before working on Phase 2

Phase 2 - Group

  1. Gather into your group
  2. Pull the latest code from the master repository
  3. Collate and distill individual responses(*)
  4. Add them to the document for your chapter
  5. Push and submit a pull request

Review Assignments

  • Chapter 1 & 2: Jacqueline Chenault, Conan Rimmer, Mark Tabler
  • Chapter 3 & 4: Tom Kiefhaber, Christopher Maddox
  • Chapter 5: Elise Worthy, Mary Cutrali
  • Chapter 6: Andrew Thal, Nisarg Shah
  • Chapter 7 & 8: Andrew Glass, Edward Weng, Melanie Gilman
  • Chapter 9: Chris Anderson, Michael Verdi
  • Chapter 10 & 11: Horace Williams, Jan Koszewski, Charles Strahan
  • Chapter 12: Travis Valentine, Darrel Rivera
  • Chapter 13: Austen Ito, Michael Chlipala
  • Chapter 14 & 15: Daniel Kaufman, Jonan Scheffler, Mike Silvis

Collate & Distill

The goal is not to create an exhaustive list of everything written by every reader. The goal is to create a comprehensive set of the best ideas, sharpest insights, and clearest explanations. The final document should probably be 3x as long as any individual response set, but it should not be enormous.

Use your editorial judgement and slice text with a scalpel. Cut unnecessary words, shape the "I" speaker as you see fit, condense it down to just the goods.

If it feels necessary, cite responses using the @githubusername style, like @jcasimir for Jeff.

Phase 3 - Reflect

As they're submitted and time allows, read and discuss the summaries.

If you find some quotes and insights that you really respect, consider decorating some of our glass surfaces with them.