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Let's read and work through HTML & CSS by Jon Duckett: http://www.amazon.com/dp/1118008189/


For this book we will:

  • Begin reading & working on Monday 3/12
  • Submit the exercises you create by 3/16
  • Complete submitted exercises and reading by 3/26

Part 1 - Creating Exercises

Each chapter has one or two people assigned to writing exercises. We'll share these exercises and all complete them as we read.

The chapters are not order dependent, so the expectation is that you'll read/work through the segment you're assigned, create your exercises, then read and work through all the other chapters as those exercises become available.

Details on creating the exercises are below. Exercises are due by 11:59pm on 3/16.

Part 2 - Reading & Exercises

Read the entire book and complete all peer-designed exercises by reading group on 3/26.

Creating Exercises

Section Assignments

The longest chapters have two people assigned, parcel it up however you see fit.

  • Chapter 1: Christopher Maddox
  • Chapter 2: Edward Weng
  • Chapter 3: Mary Cutrali
  • Chapter 4: Andrew Thal
  • Chapter 5: Daniel Kaufman & Tom Kiefhaber
  • Chapter 6: Horace Williams
  • Chapter 7: Austen Ito & Charles Strahan
  • Chapter 8: Michael Chlipala
  • Chapter 9: Jan Koszewski
  • Chapter 10: Nisarg Shah
  • Chapter 11: Travis Valentine
  • Chapter 12: Conan Rimmer & Chris Anderson
  • Chapter 13: Jonan Scheffler
  • Chapter 14: Mark Tabler, Jacqueline Chenault
  • Chapter 15: Darrel Rivera & Elise Worthy
  • Chapter 16: Michael Verdi
  • Chapter 17: Melanie Gilman
  • Chapter 18: Mike Silvis
  • Chapter 19: Andrew Glass

Designing Exercises


  • For your chapter, design a set of exercises which can be completed in 15 to 20 minutes
  • Write your exercise instructions in html_and_css/exercises/chapterXX.markdown
  • Store any resources in html_and_css/resources/chapterXX/
  • If you're able to reuse any resources from other chapters, store them in html_and_css/resources/common/

How to Write Exercises

  1. Determine the most important concepts and details from your chapter. What are the things that you MUST know about this subject? The nuances and "tricks" aren't our focus. What are the big ideas, the essentials?
  2. How can those best be practiced? Does it mean adding style to an existing layout? Reformatting a block of plain text into valid markup?
  3. What does the worker need to begin? We don't want to start from scratch 19 times. If you're focused on the HTML box model in CSS, create a simple HTML document they can start with. If they're practicing structuring HTML, give them a chunk of text, like the Bill of Rights, to work with.
  4. Write instructions that are clear but still require some brain function. You're not programming a computer, you're instructing a human who can take abstract ideas and convert them into critical steps. Don't re-explain details that are in the text, just reference where they can find help in the book.
  5. Consider using a "choose your own adventure" style like our projects. Define "Base Expectations" that need to be completed, then add optional "Extensions" to push the challenge further.
  6. How can outcomes be measured or validated? How can they know it worked properly? Consider providing screenshots for comparison.
  7. Create a reference implementation in html_and_css/exercise_solutions/chapterXX

Review Protocol

Phase 1 - Individual

  1. Fork this repository
  2. Add your completed exercises as html_and_css/exercises/githubusername/chapter01/index.html for each chapter. Instead of copying resources, try referencing them directly from the resources folder.
  3. Push to Github
  4. Submit a pull request

Phase 2 - Peer Review

Break into eight groups of three, rotate responsiblity (A reviews B, B reviews C, C reviews A), and complete the rubric below.

Evaluation Rubric


Phase 3 - Reflect