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For 5/21 read and work through "jQuery Novice to Ninja".

Beyond working through the book on your own, apply some of the ideas/techniques to your FeedEngine project.

In the individual_notes folder, create a markdown file that documents two features you've personally added to your FeedEngine project along with a narrative explanation of how/why you used jQuery.

Format & Example

Structure you file like this:

## jQuery: Novice to Ninja

### 1. Adding New Messages

In our project we have the dashboard page which displays the current feed 
items along with the form to add a new item. When the user adds a new item
the page refreshes and it's a bit jarring.

I decided to use jQuery to submit the form asyncronously, fetch the data
via AJAX, then use the slide-down animation to make it appear at the
beginning of the feed. You can see the changes in this commit:

And view it in effect on our site at

### 2. In-Place Editing

Blah blah blah...


  • Make sure the file is named lastname_firstname.markdown and in the individual_notes folder
  • Submit a pull request with ONLY that file
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