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The Lean Startup by Eric Ries

Please purchase "The Lean Startup" ( and complete it by Tuesday, May 29th.

While You're Reading

As you read, please collect one tweet worth of text on each chapter such as:

  • A memorable quote
  • A question yet unanswered
  • The central premise
  • A new idea or connection it triggered for you

Gather your notes in a markdown-formatted within this repository:


These will be used in the group discussion on 5/29.

Submission Guidelines

  • fork this repository
  • create a feature branch named lean_startup
  • add your notes under the proper folder
  • push it up to github
  • submit a pull request no later than 1PM on 5/29

Group Discussion

Gather into small groups to discuss the questions below.


Each group should edit the corresponding file in the group_notes folder with the ideas from their discussion. Each group member should be responsible for recording the notes for one question.

Gather back together in the main room with your pull request submitted by 10:15.


  • Group 1: Jacqueline Chenault & Andrew Thal & Charles Strahan & Austen Ito
  • Group 2: Nisarg Shah & Edward Weng & Conan Rimmer & Michael Verdi
  • Group 3: Jan Koszewski & Chris Anderson & Travis Valentine & Melanie Gilman
  • Group 4: Andrew Glass & Jonan Scheffler & Daniel Kaufman & Michael Chlipala
  • Group 5: Mark Tabler & Christopher Maddox & Elise Worthy & Mary Cutrali
  • Group 6: Horace Williams & Darrell Rivera & Mike Silvis & Tom Kiefhaber


  1. The concept of "The Lean Startup" is very pervasive in the development community right now. What new insights or corrections to previous understandings did you develop in reading the text? What elements get lost in the cocktail-conversation-level understanding of the book?
  2. The principles from "The Lean Startup" are easily applied to software. But how would you use them to develop and launch a restaurant?
  3. How do the perscriptions of "The Lean Startup" match up with those from "Inspired"? How do they conflict? How do you see LivingSocial practicing the ideas from "The Lean Startup"?
  4. Is there something lost when "running lean"? Does it tempter true innovation and creativity flourish? Would the iPod exist? EX. Imagine the internet gets unplugged and we need to find new careers. You've got $5K to start a lean business. What would you pursue? What would be your value hypothesis? Growth hypothesis?