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Service Oriented Design by Paul Dix

Paul Dix's "Service Oriented Design with Ruby and Rails": http://amzn.to/KzZVL7

Complete it by Monday 6/11. You'll need the techniques in the book for your current project, so start it soon. We'll have follow-up conversations / workshops, but there is no chapter-by-chapter assignment for this one.

Group Discussion

Gather into small groups to discuss the questions below.


Each group should edit the corresponding file in the group_notes folder with the ideas from their discussion. Each group member should be responsible for recording the notes for one question.

Gather back together in the main room with your pull request submitted by 3:15.


Maintain your groups from the message queue workshop.

Topics of discussion

For each member of the discussion group, answer:

  1. How do the techniques and advice map to the design decisions you've made in your individual projects? How have you veared away from them? Has this been for good or ill?
  2. What is the lifecycle of a new chat message in your system? Compare this across projects. Are there differences; if so, why, and what impact does that have on the overall system design?