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A Laravel package to help you generate nearly complete CRUD pages like crazy!
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Laravel CRUD Scaffold

A Laravel package to help you generate nearly complete CRUD pages like crazy!


composer require moonbear/laravel-crud-scaffold


php artisan vendor:publish --tag=laravel-crud-scaffold


php artisan mbt:scaffold Model

If everything goes fine, you should get the following output:

Factory created successfully in [project path]/database/factories/ModelFactory.php
Created Migration: [timestamp]_create_models_table
Model created successfully in [project path]/app/Model.php
Controller created successfully in [project path]/app/Http/Controllers/ModelController.php
View successfully created in [project path]/resources/views/models/index.blade.php
View successfully created in [project path]/resources/views/models/_form.blade.php
View successfully created in [project path]/resources/views/models/modals/delete.blade.php
View successfully created in [project path]/resources/views/models/create.blade.php
View successfully created in [project path]/resources/views/models/edit.blade.php
View successfully created in [project path]/resources/views/models/show.blade.php
Request created successfully in [project path]/app/Http/Requests/ModelStoreRequest.php
Request created successfully in [project path]/app/Http/Requests/ModelUpdateRequest.php

Specify Views Directory

php artisan mbt:scaffold Model --views-dir=dashboard

Specify Controller Namespace + Directory

php artisan mbt:scaffold Model --views-dir=dashboard --controller-dir=Dashboard

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