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Powerful html for the springboard
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Applies a WKWebview to the homescreen. Along with the webview, it calls code within the html to supply iOS info such as battery, music, apps, switcher, signal, wifi, notifications, and other info.

This allows anyone to remake the entire springboard in a webpage type fashion getting rid of the stock grid look that iOS has had since the beginning.

Note: FrontPage's source code is provided for reference purposes only. Modification and redistribution are not permitted.

iOS to WebView Calls

Full API here.

A compiled version can be found on my Cydia repo here.

WebView to iOS Calls

Calls sent from the html to the tweak is handle by setting window.location = 'frontpage:something' the tweak will check if the string contains frontpage and then will try to forward it to any method inside.

Full API here.

Setup FrontPage

Enable FrontPage in settings/FrontPage Choose Top Hide Dock, Icons, and Dots. Respring.

While on the springboard use 2 FINGERS and swipe down. You will see FrontPage's theme selection menu. One theme is installed by default but you can find other themes on my repo.


Andrew Wiik @Andywiik for his implementation of getting weather condition strings from the weather framework. Makes life so much easier for iWidget developers.

Matt Clark @_Matchstic for his amazing work on InfoStats2 the roadmap I followed to create FrontPage which has also lead to WidgetInfo.


Images from Nyx a theme for iOS that utilizes this code.

img_0989 img_0990 img_0991 img_0992 img_0993 img_0994 img_0995 img_0996 img_0997

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