📦 Store file's hash on ethereum blockchain and verify it's original
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File on blockchain

Index Upload result File info
upload result info
Check Exist None
check true false

Initialize blockchain environment

  1. git clone https://github.com/JungWinter/file-on-blockchain
  2. cd file-on-blockchain/blockchain
  3. ./init.sh
  4. ./start.sh

Create account for deploying

  1. Open another terminal and move to file-on-blockchain/blockchain
  2. geth attach ./chain-data/geth.ipc
  3. In console, personal.newAccount() and enter password
  4. miner.start() and miner.stop()

Deploy simple contract

  1. cd file-on-blockchain/example
  2. python deploy_contract_and_test.py
  3. 🎉

Run server

  1. cd file-on-blockchain/app
  2. python server.py
  3. ⭐️