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A set of uncompromising validation rules about public transport in JOSM
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Jungle Bus – validation ruleset

A set of uncompromising validation rules about public transport in JOSM.

The errors are meant to be easy to fix, whereas the warnings may need some local knowledge or more advanced public_transport OSM knowledge.

Some of these validation rules are also available in Osmose

To add the ruleset to JOSM:

  • Edit -> Preferences
  • Validator
  • Tag Checker Rules (2nd tab)
  • Select "Jungle Bus – validation ruleset"

how to add this ruleset

You may also want to add the pt_assistant plugin, for even more validation rules and other useful tools about OSM public transport.


Help us translate the validation rules in your language !



Please share your ideas in the issues, and feel free to send a pull request if you know how to implement it in MapCSS.


This validation ruleset has been developed by the Jungle Bus team, as part as the Bifidus, improve your transit! project.

If you value this work, show your support by donating to the OSM French local chapter.

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