Swift logging only when in Debug mode.
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Swift convenience functions for outputting to the console only when the build setting for "Active Complilation Conditions" (SWIFT_ACTIVE_COMPILATION_CONDITIONS) defines DEBUG

Two methods are provided.

  • loggingPrint() stands in for the print() function.
  • loggingDump() stands in for the dump() function.

For loggingPrint() the textual representation is obtained from the object using String(reflecting:) which works for any type. To provide a custom format for the output make your object conform to CustomDebugStringConvertible and provide your format in the debugDescription parameter.

For loggingDump() pass in the value to be dumped, and an optional string to act as a label that describes what is being dumped

Through the magic of default function parameter values, the output for each function contains:

  • Whether the call is being made on the UI or a background thread.
  • The name of the file.
  • The name of the function
  • The line number where the print statement is located.


The latest version requires Swift 3.x and Xcode 8.


The same way as you would use a print() statement, or a dump() statement.


Just add the file to your project, and define DEBUG in your project's Active Complilation Conditions setting.

OR if you are using Carthage add this to your Cartfile

github "JungleCandy/LoggingPrint" >= 2.0

then drag the LoggingPrint.swift file out of the Checkouts folder and into your project.