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The Floral Ink Brush

**Note: there is a file in the data folder named image-net-2012.sqlite3 that exceeds 100mb limits and therefore could not be uploaded to github. download it from this link and place it in the data folder:

Jungu Guo

Concept Statement: I am creating an augmented stroke painting experience that would immerse audience in the aesthetics of Chinese calligraphy and painting, in which the physical brushstroke would become the habitats of digital Chinese flowers. As time goes by, the physical brushstroke would also fade away and therefore flowers would scatter, creating a sutble layer of storytelling. The goal is to explore the relationship between the digital and the physical and experiment with the narrative in that context.

Coding Approach

  • Use machine learing for shape and stroke recognition.
  • Use trigonometric functions with polar coordinates to algorithmically generate and animate flowers.
  • Particles systems for pettal scattering.

Addons used:

  • ml4a-ofx (Machine Learning for Artist) (the following is its dependent addons)

    • ofxOpenCv
    • ofxCv
    • ofxGui
    • ofxGrt
    • ofxCcv
    • ofxOsc
  • ofxEasing (for easier interpolaiton between values)

  • ofxGui

documentation link: (content is still on the way..)

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